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Happy New Year

Best wishes for your freedom and success this coming year from the team at Detained in Dubai

Stay Free & Be Free this 2022 - Happy New Year!

We are delighted to wish you all a Happy New Year and our best wishes, luck and blessings for this 2022.

For those of you in prison, we wish for and seek your freedom this coming year, for you to be reunited with your families in glorious peace.

For those on travel bans, Interpol or fighting for justice on the outside, we are there with you and wish you every success.

Thank you to our fans for your undying support, encouragement and appreciation. This means the world to us. Thank you to the diplomats, politicians and members of the press who support our organisation.

We will fully update you on the past year’s achievements on our anniversary this January.

Enjoy your New Year. Take life by the horns. Go out, have fun and most importantly, Stay Free.

With much love and appreciation from the team @DetainedinDubai




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