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FBI 'Most Wanted' talks Universal Jurisdiction with Radha Stirling on the Gulf in Justice Podcast

Extradition expert Radha Stirling hosts first discussion with British citizen Christopher Emms on the Gulf in Justice Podcast.

Chris was listed on Interpol's Red Notice database in February for allegedly "conspiring to violate" US sanctions when he attended a cryptocurrency conference in North Korea.

Chris is not a US citizen and is not subject to US law. He is not required to know or learn US law. He violated NO British or international laws but the US is throwing their weight around, intimidating and bullying foreign citizens.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Due Process International and IPEX Reform said "Emms and the expert allegedly answered specific questions about blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies for the DPRK audience, including individuals whom they understood worked for the North Korean government, proposed plans to create specialized “smart contracts” to serve the DPRK’s unique interests, and mapped out cryptocurrency transactions designed to evade and avoid United States sanctions, including by diagramming such transactions on a whiteboard for the North Korean audience."


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