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How to prevent an Interpol Red Notice

Preventing an Interpol Red Notice, by Expert Radha Stirling

A brief Q&A by veteran Interpol and Extradition expert, Radha Stirling, founder of Interpol organisation IPEX Reform [Interpol & Extradition Reform]. Stirling has over 16 years experience dealing with Interpol and has deleted and prevented hundreds of Interpol Red Notices.

With a growing awareness of the risk of Interpol abuse, individuals are choosing to proactively deter the reports.

Common Interpol Warrants

Interpol Red Notices can be issued for a variety of reasons and oftentimes, the warrant is achieved through falsified evidence, no evidence at all, a lack of a fair judiciary or a conviction in absentia.

Who issues the warrant?

In many countries, the court will accept uncontested evidence and automatically sign a warrant. It can be listed on Interpol in mere minutes. This leaves the door open to fraudulent claims by commercial institutions, banks, money hungry business partners, disgruntled ex partners or vindictive ex friends and spouses.

Notices can also be politically motivated and are not necessarily from the countries you would expect. We have dealt with Notices from the Middle East to Russia, Egypt, Romania, India, Pakistan, South Korea and China, the UK, US and Australia. A Red Notice does not have to be originating from an authoritarian country to be abusive.

Can I fight it before it happens?

Due to the prevalence of abusive Interpol Red Notices, more and more people are anticipating the possibility of a warrant and acting on it before it happens.

Should I proactively tackle it or wait and see?

The damage an Interpol Red Notice can cause is immense. Victims of Interpol abuse can be jailed, face expensive and lengthy extradition proceedings, lose their immigration and visa status, lose their employment, businesses, security clearance and freedom of movement. Even after a Notice is deleted, countries can hold onto the data for as long as they choose and the life impact can be permanent.

Individuals who feel they may be at risk are well advised to take preemptive action.

What can I do to protect myself?

Engage with an expert. Interpol doesn’t give second chances and it is imperative you get the right advice. Every situation is unique. Many lawyers claim to have the expertise to take on Interpol cases but Interpol is not a court of law, it’s an international organisation with zero accountability.  Confronting Interpol is a unique skill in itself.

Can you help?

There are strategies we employ for our clients to protect them from the risk of an Interpol Red Notice and ensure their safety going forward. Not only do we engage with Interpol directly, but we also analyse the root cause of the issue and how we can mitigate the risk at the source.  We prevent or delete Interpol Red Notices, provide a full crisis management service, defend against extradition and assist with all elements of debt negotiations, legal defence, related residency visa challenges and provide expert testimony for court proceedings.

We will get you through this....


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