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Leicester man held in Dubai for rude gesture might lose his UK job

“God knows why the UAE wanted to list me with Interpol, but it can't have been for any pleasant reason.”

Mr Mukadam faced jail after being accused of “offensive and insulting behaviour for making an obscene gesture while on a visit to Dubai in February. He was driving a hire car when the alleged incident happened.

He said: “I pulled over and they were screaming at me. I stuck my finger up and drove off and thought nothing of it.”

However, offensive gestures are considered a public obscenity crime in Dubai and this led to legal action.

Mr Mukadam, who was on his way to the airport at the time, headed back to the UK, but on a return visit to the United Arab Emirates, authorities caught up with him and he was arrested.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, a UAE justice group, said that abuse of Interpol has been a long standing tactic of the UAE, one of Interpol's largest voluntary cash contributors."

Full article available at: LeicestershireLive


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