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Senator Cruz called on to oppose UAE's Interpol Presidency bid

Senator Cruz opposed China's bid for leadership but the UAE is just as dangerous

Press Release: Senator Cruz called on to oppose General Raisi Interpol Presidency

IPEX (Interpol & Extradition) Reform has called on Senator Ted Cruz to oppose both China and the UAE’s bid for presidency of international crime reporting agency Interpol.

The Texas Senator opposed China’s bid for the presidency saying that their appointment could put thousands of Chinese political dissidents at risk. In a letter to Senator Cruz, the CEO of IPEX, Detained in Dubai and Due Process International, Radha Stirling, explained that the UAE and China have formed a concerning alliance that could put thousands at significant risk of arbitrary detention and human rights violations.

Stirling said “the UAE's relationship with China has grown significantly to the point where the UAE has reportedly allowed "secret" prisons for those wanted by China. These prisons are extrajudicial and show a concerning alliance between the countries. The UAE's appointment to leadership within Interpol would be, I submit, Chinese influenced by proxy.

As an expert witness in extradition cases and someone who has removed dozens of red notices over more than a decade, I know that:

1. The UAE is one of the biggest abusers of their Interpol membership, issuing frivolous reports against individuals for matters ranging from small credit card debts to politically motivated notices for the purpose of harassment, extortion and more;

2. Many such notices have been issued unfairly against Americans, causing great distress and resulting in lengthy and unfair detention, the loss of income, reputation, families and personal pain.

3. The US, UK and most western nations refuse to extradite to the UAE based on the 'real risk of unfair trials, discrimination, human rights violations and torture', and it is quite a mockery to appoint the UAE as the head of an organisation when they are a great abuser of their membership already, and when most countries decline extradition requests made via the Interpol system.

Emma Lewell-Buck, MP raises Interpol Abuse at English Parliament for Stirling client, Robert Urwin.

4. The UAE has acted belligerently and unlawfully, engaging in cybercrimes and hacking against US nationals including myself, my American clients, lawyers, journalists, human rights activists, royals and politicians.

5. The British courts recently confirmed the UAE had kidnapped a woman from British soil and attacked a US yacht in international waters, kidnapping all onboard and forcing them into the UAE's jurisdiction. This attack included a US citizen.

6. The UAE is subject to multiple UN complaints for torture and human rights violations and there is an Inquest at the Coroners Court in England scheduled for January after a British citizen was subjected to police brutality in Dubai that caused his death.

I urge you to oppose not only China's proposed leadership with Interpol, but the UAE's too and am happy to provide numerous examples of the UAE's abuse towards US and other citizens and their contempt for the rules of their membership with Interpol.”


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