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Undeterred in Dubai - Philip Wood, QC discusses Radha Stirling and Interpol Red Notice Abuse.

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

"The relentless energy of the campaigners at Detained in Dubai continues to amaze as they take on one case of alleged abuse and miscarriage of justice after another. The organisation’s attention is now also engaged in countering the misuse of the Interpol notice system, including allegedly by banks such as HSBC Bank Middle East. Radha Stirling, the group’s chief executive, seems fairly blasé about the risks involved challenging powerful state bodies. “When you deal with clients whose lives are in crisis, often devastating situations; wrongly jailed, lost jobs, income, reputation, and with their families in a state of traumatic upheaval, you tend to focus on the risks and dangers they are dealing with rather than any risks involved with helping them,” she says."

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Full article available at The Times


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