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Wow! US expands GLOBAL jurisdiction (for itself only) - FBI hunts innocent Brit after Assange abuse

The US is feeling emboldened after persecution and near extradition of Julian Assange. Now, they're hunting a British citizen who LEGALLY attended a conference in North Korea that the British government approved. He's broken NO British or international laws and is NOT an American or even required to learn US law. It's a disgraceful overreach of FBI powers to be able to harass an innocent British citizen by listing him on Interpol and seeking to extradite him for "conspiring to violate" US sanctions he is not even required by law to follow. The US would NEVER accept any OTHER sovereign nation imposing their laws or values on US citizens so why would any other country give the US the right to do that to their citizens? If we do so, we are ceding sovereignty to America simply because they are willing to harass, blackmail and bully other nations and victims into submission and compliance. Christopher Emms from Reigate, Surrey is currently detained in Saudi Arabia fighting extradition to the US under a law that specifically only applies to US citizens. This is state harassment and it needs to stop before any country has the ability to pluck any citizen from another part of the world and jail them. Imagine if Saudi, Russia or China tried to do this? It would be a violation of international law. The US does not get a 'free pass' to violate international law. Britain and the rest of the world must stand up against the bullying and legal abuse of their citizens. If not, just make it official and become another state of the US. Radha Stirling, CEO of Due Process International who is assisting Mr Emms said "There are at least two objectives in the US case against Chris Emms, and sanctions against North Korea are only tertiary to those objectives. America, along with most Western governments, is increasingly interested in commandeering the cryptocurrency sphere for the introduction of CBDCs – digital money issued and controlled by the Federal Reserve and central banks. This necessitates the gradual elimination of independent cryptocurrencies, as well as establishing control over the blockchain and all mechanisms of digital transactions. Anyone who is involved in developing, distributing, or promoting technologies that enhance privacy or crypto autonomy, is likely to find themselves under pressure. In relation to this, the US is attempting to assume global jurisdiction over all issues pertaining to cryptocurrency, regardless of where a transaction or interaction takes place, and regardless of the nationalities of those involved. To this end, American authorities are trying to creatively expand the legal applicability of the IEEPA to non-US persons; and they are doing it in Chris’s case through blatant intimidation".


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